Living in exile

​We were watching the presidential inauguration late in the evening when my friend Moses Andruga and 5 other pastors from South Sudan arrived.  They were interested in seeing how leadership changed in America without wars and killing.


We were able to secure funding and get permission from the refugee camp commander to  bring these guys to meet with our team and explore ways to partner together.

These guys tell me they have known war all of their lives.  They are not alone as over 200,000 are living in this region and a million more in other districts in Uganda and Kenya.

Their background and stories are different but they have one common goal, to bring hope to their people in exile.  John Chiek is from the Nuer tribe and will be targeted and killed by rival Dinka tribe if  he returns to South Sudan.  Dominique has planted 5 churches under trees and asks “Who will be their pastor”?  They baptized 52 new believers last week and want to learn how to disciple these people.

We talked deep into the night about suffering, living in exile and life in the camps and the peace that only Jesus can bring.  Moses told us of people groups they don’t  have access to but the war brings them to refugee camps where they hear about Jesus.  Mukama yebizibwe!


There is great opportunity and great need for great commission workers in the camps.  We are thankful that so much at what FFCM has learned and development over the years can be used to encourage and equip these servants of the Living God. Katonda Bulungi!

We plan on bringing these pastors back to our Bible Institute session in May and look into the possibility of conducting the program at the camp in the future.


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