Sweet time of Prayer

Yesterday the pastor’s wives gathered to share together in our afternoon session.  Sitting in a circle, 22 women told of God’s work in their lives and shared their prayer requests.  Kathy started off by sharing what the Lord had been teaching her from Psalm 23.  One by one each woman stood to tell her name and what church she was from.  They have a beautiful way of starting off by saying “Praise the Lord!” My heart was stirred as Phoebe translated what each had to say.  Many requests were so similar to my own; for God to strengthen our kids in Him, to become godly women, to help a child to pass a test.  And then there were many so far from my own experience.  One shared that the conditions on her island where she lived was not easy and for God to provide for her family.  Many prayed for school fees so that their children could get an education or could go to a Christian school.  It was also amazing to hear how thankful they were for the teaching they had heard on suffering from Pastors Nicolai and Max and how it had encouraged them.  There is a look on their face of the joy of the Lord that remains despite their daily hardships.  Hardships far removed from my way of life.  Hardships like no food for their children, no running water, no electricity.  Living with no washing machine and constant red dust covering everything.  I couldn’t help that their faith during hardships moved me to tears and I hope my tears move you to faithfully pray for them!

Praise the Lord!

Janie Phillips

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