Greatly Encouraged

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33”. This was the theme of the Ugandan Madudu Bible Conference this year. All week we have focused on 1 Peter with the subject of suffering for the name of Christ. What better instruction for perseverance than fixing our minds on the kingdom of God when fiery trials come.

Today we begin the Pastors conference, and we continue to seek first the kingdom of God. We have the opportunity to come alongside Pastors from South Sudan and Uganda to encourage them and equip them with the Word of God.
As guests were arriving Friday night we had the privilege to sit down with our South Sudanese pastors that are seeking refuge in Uganda. We started to talk about persecution. It is one thing to read and teach about suffering for Christ we experience in America and another thing to sit down and talk with those enduring physical persecution and war. What amazed me as they shared their perspective was how great a Savior we have. To hear, “The suffering is difficult, but it is good because people are running to God,” left me thanking God for his faithfulness to fill the hearts of his people.

Things to pray for this conference: That God would give vision and encouragement to these pastors and their teams, that God would give physical rest and spiritual refreshment, and that he would give us clarity as we teach the Word.

Max Bretzke

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