Sometimes you just gotta eat!!

Greetings from the Pearl of Africa!
We have just completed our second day of our FFCM Bible Conference where nearly a dozen churches are gathered to lift their voices in praise and sit and learn as a disciple of Christ.
The format is simple: two main sessions followed by break out sessions where the men, women, and children separate to learn in their groups with of course much praise intermixed.
But before the breakout sessions there is another event… lunch! This is a wonderful time where everyone sits together and eats until they are satisfied.
The meals are prepared by volunteers in the small school behind the church building. The cooking techniques are simple with large pot for frying, another for boiling, and another for steaming. It is not easy to prepare lunch for hundreds of people and the volunteers begin the preparation even before the Bible Conference begins. Today’s meal was provided by one of the churches in attendance as a generous gift. The menu included meat, beans, and steamed sweet potatoes all prepared with a heart of service in the open air.
The meals are brought into the church by the youth and given to everyone in their seats. No need to stand in line. And while waiting for their meal and while eating different churches will go up front and sing for praise to the Lord and for the enjoyment of everyone.
It is such a wonderful expression of worship to be a part of; a meal prepared and shared by the children of God in love.

For the Sake of His Name,
Nicolai Mærsk Pedersen
Pastor, Refuge Christian Fellowship

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