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Frontier Force Bible Conference
There is always a fresh sense of anticipation as we drive through the sugar cane fields, past Ssezibwa falls and up the hill to Madudu village where we hold our annual Bible conference.  We received a warm welcome as usual from the people who were already gathered in the church awaiting our arrival.
I can’t count how many times I have visited Madudu House of Prayer.  The first time we met in a small wooden structure with room for 50 or 60 and now there is a permanent brick and morter building seating 400.  The hum of the generator was missing as just last month power has arrived at the village.  This is our first and so far only church with electricity.
Alex did a great work in preparing the conference and welcoming attendees from many districts in Uganda.  Job was up front manning the registration table and Frank was busy translating.  I mention these three by name because the first time I came to the village they were young boys and now they are young leaders in the church.
We begin the day with lots of energetic singing and dancing praises to our Lord.  Then there are introductions of pastors, their wives and the people they have brought from their churches.  We have 2 Bible teaching sessions before lunch.  I did an introduction of our team and an introduction to 1 Peter which is our text for the conference.  Nicolai followed up with great teaching on the different ways we experience suffering.  We follow up each session with a question and answer time which is always rewarding.
Lunchtime is when different individuals or choirs get a chance to do the songs they have prepared before coming to the conference.  Most of the food is grown at the FFCM Farm and the gardens from some of our churches.  John and Silvia, local merchants and members of the Madudu church supervise the kitchen.
After lunch the men and women meet separately.  Kathy and Margaret and Janie share the teaching of the women in the church building and Cyprian and I led the men’s sessions in the front yard of a church member who lives down the road.
Max will begin teaching on Thursday but meanwhile he has been checking out all of the coffee gardens in the neighborhood and meeting new people.  Shawna, our photographer and your eyes into Africa was busy shooting pictures of the day.  The children soon discovered she had Jolly Ranchers with her so she had quite an escorting entourage.
We are so thankful to be part of Frontier Force Christian Ministries and have been able to see what God is doing in Uganda and even beyond.  Thanks you for your prayers and interest in the ministry.
Andy Sodestrom
Google Earth Coordinates for Madudu Church  0° 21.308’N 32° 51.946’E

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