Uganda 2017

On January 10, 2017 we will depart from SFO  as a team of 6 on our way to Uganda to continue our ministry partnership with Frontier Force Christian Ministries.  Joining team leaders Andy and Kathy Sodestrom will be Shawna Swafford and Janie Phillips from Hessel Church.  Shawna is a photographer and has been to Uganda several times in the past. You can count on great photographs of our FFCM friends and the beautiful country of Uganda.  Janie will be joining us for the first time and will be teaching our FFCM sisters alongside Kathy and Margaret Masembe.

Sipi Falls Coffee region on Mt Elgon Uganda

We are excited to have 2 pastors from The Refuge Christian Fellowship in Santa Rosa join us.   Nicolai Pederson has been part of the ministry in the Past and Max Bretzke will be visiting Uganda for the first time.  Max is also director of Redwood Gospel Coffee Company and we will be traveling to the coffee growing region of Mt. Elgon to look into partnership possibilities with coffee ministries in Uganda.  Nicolai and max will be part of the teaching team for the Bible Conference and Pastor’s conference.

Madudu Youth Pastor Mugalu Alex

We are excited about a new “Preaching Exchange” program that we will institute in January.  This exchange will feature teaching from 3 Ugandan Pastors and 3 of our team.  After each session we will have a discussion on how each culture brings a different perspective to the passage and how we can learn and grow from each other.  We will also learn how to be more effective in teaching the Word to people of different cultural backgrounds.


Our Itinerary

January 15-16    Travel  via Seattle, Amsterdam, Kigali, Rwanda to Entebbe Uganda.
January 16             Rest and prep for Bible Conference
January 16-20     FFCM Bible Conference at Madudu Village
January 20-22     FFCM Pastor’s Conference at rest Gardens Bwyeogerere
January 23            Travel to Mbale and visit FFCM farm on the way
January 24           Visit Coffee farms and farmers on Mt. Elgon,  Visit with Mike Mataya and Calvary Temple Mbale.
January 25           Return to Bwyeogerere
January 26-28   Visit Murchison Falls with FFCM Leadership team
January 29           Minister with FFCM Church (TBD by FFCM Team)
January 30-31  Return to SFO

Thank you for your support of the ongoing ministries of Frontier Force Christian Ministries in Uganda.  Please keep us in your prayers and if you are interested in contributing financially to the ministry you can donate online here.

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